Mr James Kaphuka Staff Profile

Consultant and Lecturer

MSc. Demography and Health (University of London), MSc. Social Research Methods and Statistics (University of Manchester)   

James Kaphuka holds a Master of Science degree in Demography and Health from the London School of Hygiene, University of London obtained in 2009 and a Masters degree in Social Research Methods and Statistics from University of Manchester obtained in 2003. He is a survey specialist with more than 10 years of professional experience. James has proven expertise in all phases of survey implementation, from planning, questionnaire and training manual design, field staff training, fieldwork logistics, fieldwork monitoring, data processing, tabulation, data analysis, to report writing and data dissemination. In the Masters in Biostatistics programme, he teaches a module on Data Management, particularly Survey Design using CSPro software.

James Kaphuka is currently based in Juba employed by UNICEF, South Sudan Country Office as a UNICEF MICS consultant since August, 2015 to support and provide guidance to UNICEF South Sudan Country office, the implementing agencies (National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Health) for the planning, implementation and completion of 2016 South Sudan MICS. From March 2005 to June 2012, James worked as a lecturer in the department of Population Studies at Chancellor College, University of Malawi. Prior to joining the University of Malawi, James was working as a Statistician at the National Statistical Office, Demography and Social Statistics Division in Zomba. 

James has been directly involved (as a consultant) in the implementation of the following Demographic and Health surveys (DHS): the 2005 Swaziland DHS, the 2006 Namibia DHS, the 2007 Zambia DHS, the 2010 Malawi DHS and the 2013 Liberia DHS.  Between August 2013 and July 2015, James was employed by UNICEF Malawi Country Office as a MICS Consultant to support and provide guidance to UNICEF Malawi Country Office and the National Statistical Office for the implementation of the Malawi MDG Endline Survey 2014. 

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