Mr Tsilizani Mwalimu Kaombe Staff Profile

Lecturer in Statistics

Dip.Ed. (Mat)-Domasi, BSc.(Mat&Stat)-UNIMA, MSc.(Stat)-UNIMA, Ph.D(Stat) Fellow World Bank SDP-UNIMA;    +265999 603 074

Tsirizani Kaombe is a Mathematics & Statistics graduate from The Polytechnic and later Chancellor College, University of Malawi and current and 4th Coordinator of the MSc. Biostatistics programme since 2013. He serves as Lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences since December 2012. His masters thesis looked at comparing Bayesian and Parametric statistical methods in analyzing under-five child diarrhoea data and was titled “Modelling distribution of under-five child diarrhoea across Malawi”. His supervisor was Assoc. Prof. Jimmy Namangale. He has since published his thesis work with the Journal of Mathematics and System Science as well as in 30th SAMSA Conference, 2012. Some of his other publications are available on the link publications.

He is currently winding up his Ph.D in Biostatistics studies with University of Malawi under the World Bank's Skills Develepment Project. His Ph.D project is titled “Identifying influential clusters in multivariate survival studies” and the Lead Supervisor is Professor Samuel Manda of South Africa Medical Research Council, co-supervised by Dr. Sarah White of College of Medicine-University of Malawi.

At present, he helps with co-supervision of masters students' research in the Biostatistics programme as well as teaching practical courses, especially STATA package, as well as in Research Ethics and Academic writing. He is a member to International Biometric Society (IBS) and Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association (SAMSA).

Recent Consultancy Assignments

On his free time, Tsirizani serves local organisations through Statistical Consultancies. His recent assignments include:

  1. Statistician in the Evaluations of the Innovations in Secondary School Project, funded by Firelight Foundation (USA) through the Centre for Educational Research and Training-Chancellor College, in April 2017, January 2018;
  2. Co-Consultant in Project Evaluation for the Community-Based Initiative to Ensure Effective Security of the Human Rights of Persons with Albinism, funded by Tilitonse Fund through Disabled Women in Africa (DIWA), in June-July 2017;
  3. Consultant in End of Project Evaluation and Development of 2017-2022 Strategic Plan for National Commission for Science and Technology in 2016/17, funded by Mw Govt;
  4. Statistician in Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) - Malawi’s Enterprise Survey and Focus Group Discussions in 2015, funded by US Govt.;
  5. Statistician in Malawi Electoral Support Network's (MESN) Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) Project in Malawi 2014 Tripartite Elections, funded by DFID;
  6. Statistician in Baseline Survey on Sexual and Gender Based Violence at Dzaleka refugee Camp-Malawi 2013, funded by WFP, UNHCR, and UN Women;
  7. Facilitator in National AIDS Commission (NAC)’s Training of District AIDS Coordinators in Data analysis using SPSS as well as in Project Monitoring and Evaluation in June 2014, funded by Mw Govt;
  8. Co-consultant in Development of 2012-2017 Strategic Plan for University of Livingstonia in 2012.

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