Masford Chandamale Banda Alumni Profile

Programme: Master of Science in Biostatistics

Masford Chandamale Banda is a graduate from Mzuzu University and Chancellor College, University of Malawi. He joined the Biostatistics programme in September 2010 and defended his thesis in November 2012 and later graduated in June 2013. His masters’ thesis looked at spatial distribution of perinatal mortality and was titled “Spatial Modelling of Perinatal Mortality in Mchinji, Malawi”. His supervisors were Associate Professor Lawrence Kazembe and Dr. Sonia Lewcyka. He has since published part of his thesis work with the Science Direct Journal. Masford Banda is currently working with Save the Children International as Data and Accountability Coordinator for the KGIS Project since July, 2014.

His research interests are in Spatial Epidemiology with applications to maternal and child health. He has contributed to 4 publications in peer reviewed statistical methodology and biomedical science journals. He harbours ambitions to study PhD in Biostatistics in future.  

List of Publications

  1. Banda M, Kazembe LN, Lewycka S, King C, Phiri T, Masache G, Kazembe P, Mwansambo C (2016).  Spatial Modelling of Perinatal Mortality in Mchinji, Malawi. Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology. 16:50-58.
  2. Zamawe C, Banda M and Dube A (2016). The impact of a community driven mass media campaign on the utilisation of maternal health care services in rural Malawi. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2016; 16:21.
  3. Zamawe C, Banda M, Dube A (2014). The effect of mass media campaign on Men’s participation in maternal health: a cross-sectional study in Malawi. Reproductive Health 2015; 12:31.
  4. King C, Hall J, Banda M, Beard J, Bird J, Kazembe P and Fottrell E (2014). Electronic data capture in a rural African setting: evaluating experiences with different systems in Malawi. Global Health Action 2014, 7: 25878 -

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